People Love Free Samples

I was recently reading a comment by one of our most avid freebies followers who said how much he loved our site. I responded to him to find out what he liked best about freebies by mail and he went on to tell me how he and his wife had started out many years as a young couple on a shoestring budget. At that time there was no Internet and they used to sit together every Sunday when the newspaper arrived and search the Sunday paper for discount coupons on necessities such as food, shampoo and supplements, that they could then bring to their local grocery store to help with their grocery budget. It is something that they loved to do together…even when times got better for them and they no longer needed to cut coupons.

Go on a freebie shopping spree!

At that time, they were very grateful for the coupons. There was not an option to get free stuff by mail, especially not perfume, make-up or diapers simply by filling in your name and address on a form. Boy have times changed! The continued their Sunday ritual every week for almost 35 years and then last year one of their grand children came over to their house and saw what they were doing.  He took them online and showed them our website and taught them how to get not only discount coupons for all of their groceries but also how to get freebies by mail that come right to your mailbox

Not only were they happy for the money saving opportunities but they were intrigued by how easy it is to do on the computer. And they feel like they are updated about how to do things on the Internet. And I should probably mention that yes, they are both addicted.

Ordering Free Samples is Addicting (in a good way)

So now they have a new Sunday ritual. Instead of sitting at the kitchen table and cutting coupons they now sit at the computer, print out all their weekly coupons in the comfort of their own home and when they are done they look at all the freebies by mail that they can get for themselves, their children and their grandchildren. With 4 grandchildren already, and 2 on the way, they have been fortunate enough to get so many new free baby samples by mail and are putting them together to make two baby sample baskets for their new grandchildren. So far they have diapers, baby shampoo, baby wash, baby lotion and baby formula. And, as a couple who has been together for so many years, they are finding one more thing that they can do together as they get older. And that is rewarding for them in more ways than one. All because their kind grandson showed them how to get free stuff by mail on the computer.

This is one of the reasons that we at love what we do. Not only do we get to help people save money and in this case spend more time together, but we get to hear these great stories about people whose lives we have affected in a positive way.  If you have a story or reason that you enjoy getting free product samples by mail, please be sure to let us know as well.